Trieb is a metal band from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 2012 by vocalist Guilherme Klausner, who remains the only original member, she was initially involved in playing Gothic Metal covers. However, soon the partnership between Klausner and Tadeu Oliveira, guitarist, expanded the group’s sound boundaries.

Featuring a somewhat definable style, with influences ranging from Korn to My Dying Bride, Candlemass to Iron Maiden and Nirvana, her first EP, May Dead Dreamers Become Living Nightmares, was recorded in 2014. In the last weeks of recording the EP, especially due to the news that Henrique Cordeiro, guitarist, brought to the sound of the duo Klausner-Oliveira, the band began to compose new songs, which contrasted with the raw and modern sound of the first EP.

The song In Stahlgewittern was the first fruit of this new partnership. Inspired by Ernst Jünger’s eponymous book, its launch took place on December 24, 2014, as a tribute to the Christmas Truce celebrated on the Western Front on the same date in 1914, and immediately achieved much repercussion abroad and in Brazil .

The recordings of the first album, Desert were started shortly after, in January 2015. The repercussions of In Stahlgewittern continued for a while, but brought some problems for the band that, not bowing politically to the right or left but having some of its members sympathetic to conservative and traditionalist views, was invited to release a physical copy of the single in Europe through a distributor who had in its catalog many far-right acts. The band, while respecting freedom of choice in any of its possible repercussions in society, was not tempted to accept the proposal, since music, even though its lyrics are extracted from passages of the aforementioned book, have a message of hope and criticism to the a militaristic frenzy that put an end to a time of great progress in Western civilization.

The mission of the first album, Desert, approached in this sense of In Stahlgewittern: it should be a vehicle for culture, overcoming the prejudices that surround the style, claiming Heavy Metal as a part of a legitimate tradition of Western thought, whether in its folklore, artistic or even academic facet, all with a progressive, internal and external attitude towards music, which means not being limited to a genre and never opting for the easiest, or the most difficult, way of conveying your message, but always by the right way. For this, all his songs dealt with historical and literary subjects.

The next phase of the band, Arete, will be developed on several lines, combining elements of the band’s initial moments, elements that defined the experience of the Desert and totally new elements.